About Me

After completing a psychology degree at Lancaster University and a Master’s at LSE in Social Research Methods, I started my career in market research and have worked for Acas, the workplace relations people as well as NHS Blood and Transplant. However, my health meant that I needed to take a break from work.

For many years I thought that I suffered from chronic depression, but slowly I discovered that epilepsy was the cause of my difficulties. I went to an epilepsy hospital in 2016 where I had to spend a week in incarcerated in a bedroom hooked up to various machines, whilst the doctors tried to figure out what was the matter with me.  I was a little bored, to say the least, and so I started to write a blog.   I got good feedback from friends and family who said that I wrote in an engaging way.

I enjoyed my newly found skill and went on to write blogs for the Epilepsy Society, the Huffington Post and the Jewish Chronicle. I also co-authored a book about London City Airport and am now very passionate about my newly found occupation. I have three beautiful children (although who doesn’t think that their children are beautiful?), enjoy the fresh country air and swimming.